Get silky-smooth skin for summer

The sun’s out, the heat is on and you want your skin looking smooth and glowing for your pretty summer wardrobe. Here’s our head-to-toe guide to getting that silky look..

Whether you’re planning on spending the summer in beachwear, floaty summer dresses or cool strappy tops and shorts, nothing will look better on you than silky, glowing skin. But we can all do with a bit of a boost after those long winter months wrapped up warm.
So here’s our guide to getting smooth, healthy skin that you’ll be dying to show off.

1. Make your own facial scrub

To get that gorgeous summer glow, you want to gently scrub away dead skin cells to encourage healthy growth and clear blocked pores. And when it comes to your face, you want a gentle, natural solution. So why not try a home-made facial scrub? Try sea salt and lavender oil for a combination that contains important trace minerals. Or for sensitive skin you can mix finely ground oatmeal and yoghurt for a milder exfoliating effect – leave it on for 15 minutes to take advantage of the moisturising properties.

2. Harness the power of steam

If it was good enough for Roman emperors, it’s good enough for us: steam rooms have been used for centuries for their cleansing and rejuvenating powers. They also promote circulation for a healthy glow, softening skin and open up the pores. Get that Roman Empress look with a visit to a steam room – or try a steam facial at home by preparing a bowl of hot water with essential oils and holding your head over it with a towel to prevent the steam from escaping.

3. Use the double action of Braun Silk-épil-9 SkinSpa

Getting smooth skin starts with gentle hair removal and the Braun Silk-épil-9 SkinSpa or offers smoother, easier results than ever. It can catch hairs four times shorter than waxing can – without getting strips torn off you. And it also gently and powerfully exfoliates the skin, removing dead skin cells to reduce ingrown hair and restore its natural radiance. Try using it in the bath or shower for an almost painless way to get ultra-smooth skin.

4. Give yourself a pedicure

Your feet work hard and need a bit of TLC. But an easy home pedicure from time to time can keep them feeling soft and looking healthy. Start by buffing your dry feet with a sturdy foot file to shift the build-up of dead skin on heels, the balls of the feet and the edges of toes. Then fill a bowl with warm water with Epsom salts and a splash of essential oils to let them soak. Finish off with a salt scrub, rinse, then add a moisturising lotion for extra hydration.

5. Work up a healthy glow

Good circulation is a little-known secret to healthy, gorgeous skin. Boosting the blood-flow ensures that vital nutrients reach the skin, and helping it carry away toxins naturally. It’s also great for reducing stress, which can contribute to breakouts. Try running, aerobics or low-impact alternatives such as cycling or swimming to get the heart pumping fast and naturally glowing skin.

What are your favourite tips for great summer skin?