Expert Trend: How fit is your face?

How fit is your face?

One of the biggest benefits of working out is the effect it has on your face. Good news is rosy cheeks, a post-gym sheen, and firmer looking facial features are possible without setting foot on a treadmill. Just follow my ‘fitness face’ cheat sheet below.

Learn to massage

One tip I HAVE to share with you is that massage makes a big difference to how your skin looks and feels. Not just a me-time indulgence, it’s the number one hack to giving skin a pep and one every makeup artist I know uses to get skin glowing before a catwalk show or photo shoot. Nothing fancy is required, simply take a little more time when applying your skin cream, massaging it into skin with your fingers, until it has completely sunk in.
Tip: pay particular attention to the areas around your eyes and cheekbones, moving in circular motions to get the blood circulation pumping. Not only will massage help your makeup to glide on seamlessly, skin will look brighter, healthier and less puffy. As if you’ve just got back from a quick 5K run!
We recommend: Olay Regenerist 3 Point Treatment Cream RRP £29.99, which comes with its own massage manual inside.

Replace your blush

An easy way to fake the effects of a post-workout glow is to switch from powder blusher to one with a cream consistency. Whilst powder can appear flat and ageing, a cream blusher reflects light, creating a healthy, natural looking sheen to cheekbones – especially if you choose a pink or peach shade as these colours have been shown to emulate youth and vitality. Placement is key – the higher on the cheekbones you apply, the healthier you appear as this simulates the flush you get from fresh air exercise.
We recommend: Charlotte Tilbury Beach Stick in Las Salinas, RRP £30.

Gently scrub

Skin has a built-in exfoliation process, shedding its cells every 28 days. However, with all the pressures we put on our bodies, including stress, lack of sleep, and the natural ageing process, this process can slow down resulting in dull, lacklustre skin. So, this January, introduce a regular exfoliating ritual into your skincare routine. By gently removing some of the dullness from the surface of the skin, it will appear smoother and more translucent, which will mimic the fitness flush you get after a spin class.
We recommend: Using a hot clean flannel with Olay Regenerist Skin Perfecting Cleanser RRP £6.99, use gently morning and night. For power buffing, invest in Olay Regenerist 3 Point Super Cleansing System RRP £39.99, a brush that deep cleans and exfoliates at the same time.

Give your hair reflection

Did you know that by enhancing the shine-factor of your hair you will create a halo of light reflection for an overall facial glow One way to get more shine into your hair is to swap your usual conditioner for a smart conditioner that intelligently works with the areas of your hair that need the most repair, without leaving it feeling greasy or weighed down.
We recommend: Pantene Smart Pro-V Repair and Protect Shampoo and Conditioner RRP £3.00 each, uses a new smart gel complex that targets damaged areas for fewer flyaways and more glow.