How to get rid of annoying facial hair

How to get rid of annoying facial hair

For some of us, it's been an issue all our lives. Others find it sprouts as we get older or after the hormonal upheavals of pregnancy and childbirth.

Either way, if you've been struggling with unwanted hair on your face, you're far from alone.

Millions of women face the same annoyances. Waxing is painful, hair grows back fast after using depilatory creams and electrolysis is a time-consuming, expensive process.

But now there's an alternative: the Braun FaceSpa 851V, an elegant, handbag-sized device that can effortlessly take care of unwanted hair while looking after your skin.

How the FaceSpa works

The epilator head is extra-slim for precise control, allowing you to shape details like eyebrows as well as making your chin and upper lip hair-free.

Ten micro-openings gently capture and remove even the finest hairs, down to just 0.02mm in width and only 0.5mm in height. So it means the FaceSpa can lift away hairs that waxing would leave behind, for a smoother look than ever.

With 200 delicate plucking motions per second, it's far quicker and more thorough than using manual tweezers.

And because the hairs have been taken out by the root, unlike with depilatory creams, you're left with four weeks of soft, hair-free skin.

More reasons to take a look at the FaceSpa

Braun have really ramped up the feel-good factor. The FaceSpa isn't just about getting rid of unwanted hair : it's the world's first device for epilation, cleansing and revitalizing, all in one.

For everyday cleansing, there's a brush with hundreds of micro-oscillations and it is six times better at removing make-up and impurities than manual cleansing. The brush also gently exfoliates skin to restore its natural glow.

And a unique skin vitalizing pad gives you a gentle face massage to stimulate the skin's circulation for that dewy look. It makes skin look smoother and younger after just three treatments.

For the finishing touch, there's even an illuminated mirror so you can check your work on the move, and a beauty pouch to carry it all in.

How do you take care of unwanted hair? Share your experiences in the comments below.