How to get rid of annoying facial hair


For some of us, it's been an issue all our lives. Others find it sprouts as we get older or after the hormonal upheavals of pregnancy and childbirth.

Either way, if you've been struggling with unwanted hair on your face, you're far from alone.

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Millions of women face the same annoyances. While for men it is completely normal and unnoticeable, for women it is often a reason for shame and complexity. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages -waxing is painful, hair grows back fast after using depilatory creams and electrolysis is a time-consuming, expensive process. We will try to present the most popular methods how to get rid of facial hair.

1. Braun FaceSpa

2. Tweezing

3. Laser hair removal

4. Depilatory cream

5. Facial waxing

Braun FaceSpa

The Braun FaceSpa 851V, an elegant, handbag-sized device that can effortlessly take care of unwanted hair while looking after your skin.

How the FaceSpa works

The epilator head is extra-slim for precise control, allowing you to shape details like eyebrows as well as making your chin and upper lip hair-free.

Ten micro-openings gently capture and remove even the finest hairs, down to just 0.02mm in width and only 0.5mm in height. So it means the FaceSpa can lift away hairs that waxing would leave behind, for a smoother look than ever.

With 200 delicate plucking motions per second, it's far quicker and more thorough than using manual tweezers.

And because the hairs have been taken out by the root, unlike with depilatory creams, you're left with four weeks of soft, hair-free skin.

More reasons to take a look at the FaceSpa

Braun have really ramped up the feel-good factor. The FaceSpa isn't just about getting rid of unwanted hair : it's the world's first device for epilation, cleansing and revitalizing, all in one.

For everyday cleansing, there's a brush with hundreds of micro-oscillations and it is six times better at removing make-up and impurities than manual cleansing. The brush also gently exfoliates skin to restore its natural glow.

And a unique skin vitalizing pad gives you a gentle face massage to stimulate the skin's circulation for that dewy look. It makes skin look smoother and younger after just three treatments.

For the finishing touch, there's even an illuminated mirror so you can check your work on the move, and a beauty pouch to carry it all in.


Tweezing is a great option for removing unwanted facial hair at home. Especially for small areas such as your chin and eyebrows this is the best technique to use as it is precise. This technique is longer lasting then shaving and can leave your skin hairless for up to 6 weeks! Shaving smaller areas of your face can create irritation, redness, a coarse feeling on your face and even lead to infection of hair follicles. 

Before tweezering, it is key to make sure that you prep your skin before by ensuring that your face has been washed and that your tweezers are free of any bacteria. 

Laser hair removal 

Another method of hair removal used by a lot of women with thicker hair is laser hair removal. For best results you should have 8-10 treatments done with monthly intervals in between these treatments. It is also advised that you have maintenance treatments every 2-3 months to see permanent hair reduction in the future!

The benefits of this removal technique are that sessions are very fast with some sessions lasting only 20 minutes! Laser hair removal also reduces the likelihood of ingrown hairs and it helps to get rid of pigmentation. Although laser seems like a great hair removal technique, it may not work as well on darker skin tones and it is an expensive compared to other hair removal techniques.

Depilatory cream

Depilatory creams are also a commonly used method of removing unwanted facial hair. This is a thick cream is similar to shaving cream but it contains thioglycolic acid and other ingredients that break down the keratin in hair. The main benefit of this cream is that it is completely pain free and you can use it from the comfort of your home! Compared to other methods, depilatory cream does not irritate the skin and can reduce the redness that is common with tweezering and waxing. Try the Sunny Depilatory cream today! 

Facial waxing 

Waxing is another popular method to removes excess facial hair and can either be done professionally or at home.

Depending on how long it takes your hair to grow, waxing can last weeks or a couple of months as it removes hair straight from the root. There are two different types of wax that can be used: strip wax or hot wax. Strip wax is normally used for larger areas of skin whereas hot wax is more suited to be used on sensitive areas such as the face and bikini area.

As with every technique waxing can have some cons, it can irritate your skin, be a painful process and can make the area red. So make sure you leave some time between waxing and going out! Try home waxing today with the Sunny sensitive face wax strips!