No more rushing: your 6-step morning routine

Where does the time go in the morning? If you’re finding it tricky to get out the door without losing your chill, try our handy guide below

It’s a universal truth that mornings are pretty manic. It can feel like no matter what time you set your alarm, you’re always dashing madly out the door, sleepy, stressed and half-dressed.

But if you follow our streamlined guide you’ll get everything done and even have a little time to spare!

Step 1: stop snoozing

Sometimes being cruel to be kind is the best approach. If you’re well acquainted with the snooze button (aren’t we all), move your alarm to the opposite side of the bedroom. That way you will be forced to get out of bed to turn it off and then all you have to do is avoid getting back into bed!

Step 2: multi-task in the shower

Often the most time-consuming part of a morning is washing your hair. Save precious minutes by using a multi-tasking shampoo, such as one from Head & Shoulders’ NEW Tri-Action Formula range.

This game-changer contains micro-minerals that go deeper into the scalp to kill dandruff. Meanwhile it cleanses with a gentle lather, washing away excess build up and giving you voluminous, flake-free hair. Step three of its innovative formula locks in moisture, meaning your hair will also be smooth and soft to the touch.

If you want to use conditioner too, apply it to the ends before lathering in Head & Shoulders’ NEW Tri-Action Formula range at the roots, and wash both out in one go.

And if you want to be super speedy, brush your teeth while waiting for your conditioner to work.

Step 3: minimise your dry time

The tools you use can considerably decrease your blow-dry time. Try using an extra-absorbent microfibre towel to dab your hair dry when you first step out of the shower. Then allow a little time to air while you do your make-up, minimising time spent under the dryer.

It’s a good idea to invest in a powerful hairdryer as cheap ones often take longer and lead to heat damage. When you do start blow-drying, focus in on the roots, as the heat will travel down the hair shaft, drying the ends simultaneously.

Step 4: streamline your make-up

Speedy make-up is about limiting your products and keeping them simple. Swap out high-maintenance products like lipstick for easy lipgloss; and skip foundation, instead dabbing on some concealer or Olay Total Effects BB cream.

For your eyes, smudge on some pencil rather than rushing winged liquid liner. Lighter eyeshadows you can apply with your finger are much quicker than darker shadows which require time and precision.

Step 5: get organised the night before

Make sure you pack your bag or car with all you need the night before. Tasks like deciding what to wear will be easy come morning if you have pre-selected your outfit – plus then you can check if it needs ironing and will have the time to do it.

Step 6: pre-prepare breakfast

You can also sort out your breakfast the night before. Place a bowl of dry cereal in the fridge near the milk, place the bread and spread near the toaster, have your pots and pans on the hob – all before you go to sleep. Then you can enjoy the extra time you’ve saved around the breakfast table with your family before getting out the door on time and stress-free. Bliss.

Got any time-thrifty tips we haven’t mentioned? Let us know below.