Beauty Breakthrough: Olay Regenerist 10 Minute Miracle

It works wonders in moments, transforming your skin and reducing the appearance of lines But how does Olay’s latest skincare miracle work? We explain the science

Our dreams have been answered; scientists at Olay have discovered an anti- aging product that help reduce the appearance of lines in 10 minutes flat. But how does it work. Read on for an explanation of the who-what-why behind Olay’s latest wonder.

1. It’s a skin care product, but not as you know it

An anti-aging product that preps skin for make-up, gives an instant glow and helps deliver long-term wrinkle-smoothing benefits, this magic lotion is being touted as 2014’s hottest beauty breakthrough.

Make-up artist Florrie White says: “Fresh, clear skin is such a beautiful flattering look for spring, but for years women had to rely on foundation to smooth out imperfections. Olay Regenerist 10 Minute Miracle gives you the freedom to go make-up free with the comfort of knowing the appearance of your fine lines are softened and you have healthy-looking, dewy skin.”

2. It’s all a blur… to start with

Even with the best anti-aging ingredients, to help smooth the appearance of wrinkles you need time. But, let’s face it: women are impatient when it comes to anti-ageing. So the scientists at Olay discovered a clever light-reflecting technology that mimics the optical signature of younger skin by blurring the appearance of lines in just 10 minutes.

Olay Principal Scientist Frauke Neuser says: “At 10 minutes we find a ‘sweet spot’ where the instant wrinkle-blurring effects combine with the longer-term hydration benefits to deliver their most impressive results. It’s breaking new ground for us, being able to offer women a product where they don’t have to choose between instant and lasting benefits.”

3. Now the real anti-ageing kicks in

At the same time, a scientifically proven anti-ageing formula treats skin with intense hydrators and skin-smoothers. The secret blend? Olay’s special Bio-Peptide+B3 Complex containing, among other proven anti-agers, a new ingredient: Peptimide Y6. The formula helps improves skin’s elasticity so hydrated, smoother, firmer, fresh skin is only a pump away. How do we know? In a recent study, over 89% agreed that it could instantly reduce wrinkles.