Out with the opaques: get perfect party legs this winter

Ditch the reliable standby of black tights and unveil a sleek, glamorous look at your next winter party. Here's how to get your legs in stunning shape for it.

Black opaque tights – they're always there for us in an emergency. They keep out the chills, look good with boots and provide a handy cover-up for those days when you don't have time to shave your legs.

But when it comes to turning on the style for a party, they just don't cut it. You want a sleek, glamorous look that doesn't cover up your legs – but shows them off instead.

Wearing sheer tights or going for the ultra-fashionable (and extra-brave) bare-legged winter look means there's nowhere to hide, however. So if you want to make sure your legs are looking their best before you hit the town, try these suggestions.


If you've been keeping your legs wrapped up, you'll want to give them a bit of TLC before you unleash them on the world. Exfoliating is crucial to give your skin a healthy, vibrant look and to prepare the way for a close shave.

You can make your own exfoliator by mixing salt and oil (olive or coconut work well), with a touch of scented essential oil to make it feel more luxurious. Pay special attention to the knees as you scrub, because a thicker layer of dead skin can build up there.

Get Venus-smooth legs

While you're hiding your legs away in black opaques, it's tempting to give yourself one less thing to do and skip shaving your legs. But when you're showing them off in sheer or bare-legged looks, nothing but smooth perfection will do.

Luckily, with Venus, getting ultra-smooth legs is quick and (almost) effortless. Try the Venus Swirl, which easily contours over your natural curves thanks to its unique flexiball. So there's no struggle to cover tricky bits, just a fast, silky shave.


Winter means dry air. So if your legs are going to be more exposed to the elements then they risk being stripped of their moisture by those chill winds.

You can protect them and prevent dry, flaky skin by moisturising overnight with a rich body cream. It'll have plenty of time to soak in and you'll wake to a smoother, softer look.

Top up your tan

Your budget doesn't need to run to a Caribbean winter retreat – we wish! – but if you want to show off your legs in winter, you'll want to top up your tan.

If you're worried about looking like you've been Tangoed, try a tinted body lotion instead. Start applying it every day before the party and it will gradually build to give you a touch of sun-kissed glamour.

Book in for a pedicure

If you've been wrapping up in thick tights and socks since the end of summer, you might not have been paying that much attention to your feet. They're out of sight, out of mind, after all.

So while you're getting ready to unveil your legs' great new look, why not treat yourself to a pedicure too? Even if you're not going to brave peep-toe shoes (brr), it'll feel great, and give you less chance of snagging those sleek, sheer tights.

How do you get your legs looking their best in winter? Let us know your favourite tips in the comments below.