The selfie tool that will help you look younger – in real life

Usually we rely on photo-app filters to take years off our real-life selfie shots, but a new tool from Olay is promising to do it the other way around…

Shopping for skincare products can be overwhelming. From serums or lotions to dry or sensitive, there’s so much choice, and it’s hard to know what to buy to suit your skin type and needs.

With this in mind, Olay has developed the new Olay Skin Advisor, a web-based tool that analyses your selfie and compares it to tens of thousands of others to estimate your visible skin age, define your problem areas, and design an anti-ageing skincare regime specifically to suit you. Here’s how it works.

Step 1: snap a photo

It all starts with a selfie. When you upload a selfie to the new Olay Skin Advisor, it compares your facial image to the information extracted from other uploaded images to reveal your skin’s age based on all the previously collected information. So it literally gets smarter with every use.

Step 2: questionnaire

With a few key questions, the Olay Skin Advisor takes into consideration your desired routine and skincare requirements – just as an in-store beauty advisor would do.

Step 3: skin analysis

Comparing the thousands of pixels of your selfie to the tens of thousands of selfies in the database, the Olay Skin Advisor detects areas that are driving your skin age and is able to analyse these ageing areas with 99% precision.

The five key ageing zones, identified through research by Olay, are: the forehead, cheek, chin, crow’s feet and under-eye. After analysing your selfie, the tool’s VizID™ Technology then determines the areas of your skin that look their “best”, and the areas that need “improvement”.

Step 4: product recommendation

The results of your selfie and questionnaire are then fed through the tool’s algorithm to select the best Olay products and a beauty regime specifically to suit you. Indeed, during trials, 94% of women agreed that the recommended products were right for them*.

It’s your own personal skin analyst right in the palm of your hand! For more information, see

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