Are YOU guilty of these six skincare sins?

A hectic life can get in the way of taking good care of your skin, but some mistakes matter more than others. Check out our guide to avoiding these six skincare crimes.

When you’re rushing around taking care of everyone else, it can be easy to forget about taking care of yourself. That’s when you start cutting corners on your skincare routine.

While you might get away with one or two cheats, others will take a toll and leave your skin looking dull, tired and less than its best. But you don’t have to schedule a trip to the salon! (After all, who’s got the time and money for that?). Instead, we’ve got easy ways to help you avoid these six sins of skincare, so you’ll stay glowing – however hectic things get.

1. Leaving your make-up on at night

When it’s finally time for bed, all you want to do is crawl between the covers, right? But removing your make-up and the day’s dirt is essential to allow your skin to do its regeneration work overnight. Otherwise the oily make-up barrier will cause any dirt and dead skin cells to clog your pores, causing a dull complexion and breakouts.

A neat trick is to keep a packet of Olay Daily Facials next to the bathroom sink. These cloths not only remove make-up, but cleanse, exfoliate, tone and moisturise the skin, too.

Simply run the cloth under the tap to work up a cleansing lather that removes oil and water-based dirt and impurities, then rinse the cloth again and remove the lather, leaving your skin smooth and soft. With an aloe leaf extract option for sensitive skin types, that’s your skincare sorted in one easy step.

2. Forgetting UV protection when the sun isn’t out

As the rain pours down on a typical British day, it’s easy to imagine that you only need to think about SPF when it’s sunny. Big mistake. While you might not get burnt, the UV rays that gradually cause skin damage and ageing are present all year round, even on cloudy days. So stay protected with Olay Regenerist 3-Point Moisturiser SPF30, which rehydrates skin and helps to protect against UV rays, covering your skin’s hydration and sun protection in one go.

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3. Not getting enough sleep

We know, we know! It’s tough to combine busy lives and bustling families with the full eight hours. But if you regularly get less than six hours sleep, it will inevitably show on your face.

Skin regenerates while you snooze, which helps prevent wrinkles and sagging. Plus a lack of sleep can cause tell-tale puffy eyes. Getting an extra hour or two of kip could make a real difference. So forgo that late-night TV show for an earlier night – you won’t regret it!

4. Not drinking enough water

If you’re rushing around all day and not stopping for a break, there’s a chance you might forget to drink enough water. And that’s not good for your body, including your skin, which can become dry and flaky.

So, just as you keep your skin hydrated from the outside with moisturiser, you need to keep it hydrated from within by drinking plenty of water. Make it easier by keeping a reusable water bottle with you throughout the day. If you’re not keen on the taste of water, add a few slices of cucumber or mint leaves to make it more exciting, encouraging you to drink it and keep your skin looking great.

5. Using the same make-up for years

When you get just the right shade that works with your skin, it’s tempting to hold onto it forever. But old make-up and dirty brushes can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

Applying it with your fingers can also transfer germs into your make-up, where they build up before you put it back on your face. That’s a recipe for breakouts.

So wash your brushes regularly to keep them germ free, and throw away products that are past their shelf life.

6. Exfoliating too much

Using a harsh exfoliator too often can do more harm than good, stripping away your skin’s natural protection, inflaming it and drying it out. Instead, you can rely on the gentle exfoliation of Olay Daily Facial cloths to keep your skin fresh and renewed, and then, if you feel like your skin needs it, do a more intensive exfoliation just once a week.

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