3 essential gadgets for super smooth skin


Keeping skin fuzz free can be a high-maintenance task, but these hair-removal tools work quickly and efficiently to keep you looking sleek from head to toe. From women’s razors to epilators, discover the best hair removal and how to have smooth skin and exude confidence with the beauty favourites we’re loving right now. Skincare can be fun, we promise!

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  1. How to have smooth skin
  2. For your face
  3. For your body
  4. For ever

How to have smooth skin

Whether you prefer it to be silky smooth or are unfussed by hair sprouting from it, every woman should be able to feel comfortable in her own skin. And if you do decide to go down the hair removal route, it can prove to be a high maintenance task.

With more of us sorting hair removal at home as salons were shut during lockdown, the good news is that with a few nifty gadgets it needn’t be too much of a chore.

Thanks to new developments, home hair-removal gadgets are quicker than ever. Plus, with exfoliating, cleansing and massaging functions to make your skin feel smooth and look radiant, it’s like having a spa pampering session at home – but much more cost efficient!

Here's our pick of three hair-removal tools to add to your beauty routine to achieve silky smooth, radiant-looking skin at home.

For your face

Many of us have unwanted hair on our upper lip, and perhaps also on the chin and along the jaw and hairline too. The Braun Face Spa is a specially designed face epilator. It has an extra slim head for precision, removing hair from the root and leaving you with up to four weeks of hair-free skin.

It comes complete with a cleansing brush head, which you can attach to buff and exfoliate your skin, removing make-up and impurities to help your moisturiser penetrate the skin better. There is also a ‘skin vitalising’ pad, which stimulates your skin and circulation with hundreds of micro-vibrations. Try adding the cleansing and massage steps into your evening skincare routine for smoother skin after just three treatments.

For your body

Shaving is ideal for larger areas, like your legs, underarms and bikini line, but you may have struggled with it in the past if you have sensitive skin. The good news is that it shouldn’t be an issue any more, thanks to the Venus Extra Smooth Sensitive Razor, which has been designed specifically to tackle the discomfort that sometimes comes with shaving – such as bumps and rashes.

It promises 100% smooth skin with up to 0% irritation, thanks to the new Skin Elixir gel moisture bars, that provide triple the lubrication compared to the Venus Extra Smooth. The five Diamond-Like Coated Blades and the Ribbon of Moisture allow it to glide over skin in perfect balance, so they won’t pull at sensitive skin. The Pivoting Rounded Head follows your contours exactly, and the Soft Gel Grip Handle gives you ultimate control, even in the bath or shower.

For ever

There is an option if you want to do away with unwanted hair altogether. IPL technology works to reduce visible hair over time and, if used once a week, it can eradicate it permanently. The Braun Silk-Expert 3 IPL range is the only IPL device to have SensoAdaptTM technology*, which continuously reads your skin tone and adapts the intensity of the IPL accordingly, making it safer and more efficient at removing hair from any area of the body.

* Shared technology with Cyden