Why water is your skin's best friend

Why do models always say they drink lots of water? Because it really does keep your skin looking fresh and dewy. Here are six reasons H20 is the cheapest, healthiest skin treatment out there.

It's the one tip that every model, beautician or skin expert mentions when asked their beauty secrets: drink lots of water. And with good reason: it's the most important nutrient for the body, and 64% of the skin (the body's largest organ) is made up of water.

Here are four reasons your skin will thank you for drinking more water - and one reason not to be worried about drinking too much of it!

It can make you look younger

If you don't keep hydrated, your skin can lose elasticity, making you look older and tireder. In addition, drinking lots of water can help you cut down on sugary drinks, which can damage proteins such as collagen and elasticity, leaving you with duller, slacker skin. Aim to drink around six to eight glasses a day - but don't go over the top, as too much water can be as bad as not enough.

It can moisturise without clogging

If you're prone to spots or congested skin, using a water-based moisturiser will keep your skin hydrated without causing breakouts. Even better, making sure you're hydrated will help prevent dry, flaky areas on your skin, so you always look radiant.

It can limit oil production

Although it's not true that icy water will seal the pores, washing in cold water does have an effect on sebum production, preventing your skin becoming too oily, and helping prevent spots as a result.

It can brighten puffy eyes

When you wake up with tired eyes, fluid around then can make them look puffy. One great way to help reduce the swelling is to soak camomile tea bags or green tea bags in cold water for a couple of minutes, before placing the bags on your eyes until they stop being cold. Alternatively simply splash them with cold water, to constrict the blood vessels and reduce swelling.

It helps your kidneys function

A lot of debunked nonsense is talked about detoxifying - but actually that's exactly what your kidneys do, as long as your intake of fluids is sufficient, keeping your whole body, including your skin, healthy. If you limit your water intake, perhaps because you fear little leaks when you're out and about, your kidneys will find it harder to function.

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