Winter skincare routine in 7 steps


It’s that time of year where our skin has been exposed to harsh weather of cold air and strong winds, which can naturally mean changes in our skin. As winter merges into spring, what does that mean for your skin routine exactly?

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With the temperature still generally cold and less moisture in the air during the winter and spring months, it can leave our skin looking and feeling dry, red and far from our best.  We’re here to help you get a full-proof skin care routine - so you can shine no matter the season.

Winter skincare routine


1.Winter face wash: moisturizing cleanser and toner

It is important to use a more oil based or moisturizing cleanser that is soap-free for a more mild and natural pH, meaning less likelihood of that dreaded dryness. 

Using toner can also help your skin soak up your moisturizer better, which will help allow for maximum hydration and keeps your skin protected against the negative effects of cold weather.  Olay Daily Cleansing Range has every product you need for beautiful skin!  


2.Opt for a hydrating serum 

Adding Vitamin C to your day-time skincare regime will do wonders as it works to even skin tone for a brighter complexion and 24-hour hydration.  Get back clearly brighter skin in just one day with the popular Olay Vitamin C & AHA24 serum.  A quality serum that reacts well to your skin without irritation is a must-have in the winter through to spring.

Retinol is another magic ingredient that can be used at night with Olay Regenerist Retinol MAX Night Serum being an excellent choice that hydrates, smoothes and revives the skin’s glow!  Retinol is able to have multiple powerful effects deep beneath the skin that allow for plumping and smoothing skin and regulating oil flow.   

Hyaluronic acid serum is another perfect product to have in your bathroom cabinet for your winter face routine, especially for those with sensitive skin.  Try Olay deep hydrating eye gel to give tired eyes an instant refreshment, plus helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles that can tend to appear around this delicate area. 


3. Moisturize to combat dry face in winter!

Not surprisingly, moisturizing in the colder season is one of the most vital and best things you can do for your skin.  Your skin will likely produce less oils in the winter months, so be sure to avoid your skin and lips becoming cracked and put on a little extra moisturizer or lip balm before you go outside. 

Olay Regenerist Ultra Rich
is the perfect moisturizer for a dry face in winter that is rich in hydration with a luxurious feel, along with Olay Collagen Peptide24 Day Cream which contains Collagen -  a key protective ingredient for strong, restored skin.

Top tip: Don’t forget to still include SPF in your moisturizer like Olay Regenerist SPF 30 and add suncream on top, especially as we head into spring.  The winter sun can be deceiving and still very strong, which means it can catch you off guard. Our skin is susceptible to UV rays all year round so if you’re spending a lot of time outside, protect your skin!


4. Face mask treatments

There’s nothing better than that feeling of peeling off a face mask to reveal soft, smooth and glowing skin!  If you’re looking for a more deep, enhanced rejuvenation, then the Olay Regenerist Overnight Face Mask will work through the night so you can wake up with fresh and carefully conditioned skin.  


5. Avoid hot water and heating where possible

While the thought of having cooler showers in winter or turning down the heater is somewhat unpleasant, it is the most effective way to manage dry and cracked skin.  Try and keep your shower temperature warm but not boiling and similarly with your heating, be sure to keep it to a minimum and put on a few extra layers instead if needed. 


6. Exfoliate

During winter, it is a good idea to cut down a little on exfoliating to around twice a week due to our skin being more sensitive.  However, as we enter into the spring months, you may be left with a build up of dead skin, blocked pores and spots so it’s important to try and remove those layers with a gentle exfoliator.  

Say goodbye to your dry winter skin face and hello to a new you!  

You’re all covered for your best winter and spring face routine!  Once even warmer weather comes around, remember you’ll need a new plan to take care of your skin for summer.