5 ways to help sensitive skin survive the winter

Upgrade your shower routine with these five steps to keep your skin happy, even during the colder months.

During winter, it’s tempting to relax your skincare – after all, you’re only going to cover it all up in tights, coats and gloves, right?

But with cold weather and drying central heating, it’s important to keep looking after your skin to keep it comfortable and soft, particularly if you feel you have sensitive or dry skin.

So try making these upgrades to your shower routine over winter (and ideally all year round) to help keep your skin happy.

1. Keep it cool

While you might want nothing more than to sink into a hot bath after a cold day, super-hot water is not great for your skin. Why? It can cause inflammation, redness, itching and dryness. So keep your shower or bathwater warm, but not hot enough that it turns your skin red.

2. Shave with care

Keep your legs smooth without the feel of irritation by using the Venus Embrace Sensitive Razor. The blades are dermatologically tested and proven to provide a close shave with less feel of irritation*. Each blade features five comfort-coated blades along with a protective ribbon of moisture infused with aloe for that extra-sensitive touch.

Use your Venus Embrace Sensitive Razor with Satin Care Pure & Delicate Shave Gel – which is dye and fragrance-free and helps your razor glide smoothly – and your skin will feel silky soft and be free of irritation.

3. Skip harsh exfoliation

There’s no need to irritate your skin with harsh exfoliating products. As well as removing stubble and unwanted hair, shaving also removes the dead skin cells that can leave skin looking flaky and dull. Plus it clears the way for your skin to absorb moisturisers more deeply.

For other parts of the body, simply use a flannel. Just place it over your fingers and work it in small circular movements across your skin with warm water before rinsing.

4. Quench your skin

While it might seem strange, showering and bathing can actually dry out your skin. If you wash too frequently (more than once a day), you can end up washing away your body’s natural oils and breaking down your skin’s protective barriers. This then causes dry skin, which is more prone to redness and irritation.

So as well as washing no more than once a day and making sure the water’s not too hot, be sure to rehydrate your skin with a good body lotion and moisturiser afterwards. Look for a product that’s formulated for sensitive skin and fragrance-free to help keep your sensitive skin happy.

5. Wrap up well

The first material your skin will come into contact with after a shower or bath is your towel, so you’ll be undoing all your good work if it’s like sandpaper.

Buy organic cotton towels, which are gentle on sensitive skin, and wash them with a non-bio detergent. Keep them soft by keeping the detergent dosage low to prevent build-up, and avoiding the tumble dryer, which might make towels warm and fluffy at first, but can damage the fibres over time.

So there you have it, with these steps you’ll have comfortable, clean and smooth skin all winter long!

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*vs Simply Venus 2