10 steps to embracing your natural beauty

Too busy for a full-on beauty routine? Here’s how to appreciate the natural look instead…

In an ideal world, we would all have access to a celebrity-style glam squad to apply a full face of make-up and blow-dry our hair to perfection every day. Back here in the real world, we probably wouldn’t have time to fit in all the beautifying even if such a dream team were on hand.

So now is the time to fall in love with your natural beauty, and make the most of what you were born with. We show you how…

1. Believe your beauty

It may sound trite, but beauty begins from within. Believe that you are beautiful and the confidence that belief brings will carry you through, and have much more impact than any product on the market. 

Count your blessings instead of your blemishes, focus on what makes you feel good and you’ll soon believe in your beauty.

2. Get some sleep

It’s the oldest beauty advice in the book, but getting enough sleep is crucial and you’ll always look – and feel – better when you wake up fully rested and refreshed. If you struggle to nod off, avoid caffeine and anything too stressful in the evenings. Try taking a bath or doing some yoga or meditation before bed instead.

3. Keep it clean

If you’re keeping make-up minimal, then it’s imperative to have a great skincare routine so that your complexion is the best it can be, and cleansing is the foundation of that. Keep things simple with a gentle cream cleanser, to avoid drying out your skin; or go for a light daily exfoliator to keep your complexion gleaming.

4. Nourishment you need

Follow up your perfectly cleansed skin with a hydrating and revitalising moisturizer like Olay Total Effects Anti-Ageing Day Moisturiser SPF 15, which visibly reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles as soon as you start using it. There is also a night-time version too, as well as a combine serum and moisturiser.

Complete your moisturising routine with an eye cream to brighten the delicate area around your eyes.

5. A helping hand

With the basics covered with cleansing and moisturising, the skin superproduct you need is serum. If it’s a step you’re sometimes tempted to skip, then don’t! With powerful active ingredients that quickly penetrate deep into the skin, serums will give your complexion the boost it needs to go without cosmetics with confidence.

6. Face the world

The celebrity ‘no make-up’ look actually needs plenty of products, but you can achieve a natural glow with minimal make-up. A brilliant multi-tasker, Total Effects CC Cream Complexion Corrector does double duty, working as a moisturiser while also giving you flawless coverage.

You’re good to go with just that, but if that’s too minimal, then a swipe of brown mascara (it’s less harsh than black on most skin tones), a slick of lip gloss and a sweep of bronzer will make you feel done in under a minute.

7. Get hair happy

Cut, colour and condition are the three crucial factors for a good hair day. Your hairdresser will take care of the first two, and the new Aussie Pure Locks range will see to the third. The formula includes Kakadu Plum, a miracle fruit native to Oz that is full of antioxidants.

8. Let’s talk texture

When it comes to hair, embracing your natural beauty means working with what you’ve got, whether it’s curly, straight or somewhere in between. But whatever your hair’s texture, it will benefit from the extra softness and gleam you’ll get from Miracle Shine Conditioning Spray.

9. Love your body

Natural beauty needs confidence, and learning to accept and love your body shape will do wonders for your self-esteem. Find an exercise you enjoy, and do it because it makes your body healthy and strong, rather than focusing on losing weight or changing your shape.

10. Do the grooming

Even if you don’t have time to do everything, don’t neglect the basics because they will boost your confidence and make you feel more put together. Keeping teeth clean is vital, but other things like shaped brows and smooth legs can help too.

For better dental hygiene, invest in an electric toothbrush and don’t forget to floss, whilefor a smooth shave,Venus & Olay Razor and blades. are a match made in skin heaven.

How often do you go make-up free?
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