Five secrets of Hollywood beauty

She’s the expert in the body beautiful that celebrities turn to for advice. Nathalie Eleni shares her instant tricks to make sure your body looks its best.

Nathalie Eleni’s talents, gleaned from over a decade in the beauty industry, are prized by high-profile clients including Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez and Sandra Bullock.

Celebrities such as these are attracted by her signature look of gorgeously glowing complexion treatments. Now you can share the secrets of this celebrated make-up artist and advanced beauty therapist by following her top five tips.

1. Keep your legs looking youthful

During the colder months, icy winds can dry out your skin, and your legs are particularly vulnerable. Lack of moisture can give them a dull, ageing appearance. Take action by using a body brush to exfoliate your legs, scrubbing away dull, dry skin and leaving behind a glowing look and silky feel.

2. Fake it ’til you make it

When summer seems far away and your tan is a distant memory, you don’t need to put up with a dull winter complexion. Maintain your sunny glow with a self tan lotion: mix it with your usual body lotion to keep your skin hydrated as well as glowing with colour. If fake tan is too Hollywood for you, try Olay Regenerist CC Complexion Corrector on your face: its combination of serum, moisturiser and a touch of colour will give you a subtle, healthy glow.

3. Glam up with a touch of red

A splash of vermilion or ruby red on nails and toes isn’t just an eye-catching, glamorous touch. The contrast alters the perception of your complexion, enhancing its clear, glowing tones. Experiment with the right shade to make your skin tone pop: pale skin works will with deep crimson hues while darker skins make a stunning match for warm scarlet shades.

4. Switch to a body and hair oil

Hydration is the key to gorgeous skin and hair, and oils are a great way to lock in moisture. Today’s dry oils are absorbed almost instantly, so all you’ll feel is the softness and smoothness they leave behind.

After your shower, apply body oil all over. Then take a small amount of Pantene Pro-V Repair and Protect Dry Oil With Vitamin E and apply it to damp hair from mid-length to the ends. It leaves a glossy finish with bounce and movement that’s an amazing 10 times more resistant to damage.

5. Upgrade your bath ritual

Relax with a gorgeously indulgent bath and add a few drops of lavender oil. Lavender has been shown to help reduce anxiety and help you sleep more easily – and there’s no beauty treatment more powerful than a well-rested body.

While you’re relaxing, you can shave your legs in no time using a luxe razor such as the Venus Swirl – it glides effortlessly over the skin for a flawless finish.