Five gifts for him that you'll love too

When you're the best gift-giver in the relationship, he'll hardly mind if some of his presents have perks for you too. Try these win-win ideas.

They say it's better to give than to receive. That's just as well, because – let's face it – women are the better gift-givers.

That's not to say he doesn't try, even if he does rely on sneaky advice from your girlfriends and the occasional frantic last-minute shopping dash.

But when it comes to absolutely bang-on-target, gift-buying triumphs, chances are that you're the reigning champ in your relationship. So you could be forgiven for wanting to reap a little bit of the benefit of your own present-hunting skills.

Well, here's how you can: just take a look at these ideas for gifts that he'll love. Each one of them has a fringe benefit for you too. Don't worry, though – he'll be too excited to notice.

A jumper you can steal

He pretends to get annoyed, but you know he finds it adorable when you pinch his sweater to get cosy. So why not pick up something special for him in a luxurious fabric like cashmere.

This way he'll have one extra piece of knitwear for when you've raided his wardrobe again. And you'll have something really worth stealing.

A grooming gadget

He loves anything electronic, and you love it when he looks his best. Luckily you can combine both of your interests with a gadget like the Oral B Genius 9000 electric toothbrush.

It's packed with clever sensors that can guide him as he cleans, as well as connecting to a smartphone for instant gadget-fan feedback. And with six modes, including whitening and tongue cleaning, he'll have a brighter smile and fresher breath than ever.

A barbecue

If you're buying gifts in the winter, this is playing a long game – but it's worth it. Unwrapping a gleaming new barbecue has plenty of wow-factor and makes for a present to remember.

When it's finally time to put it to use, he'll respond to man's ancient attraction to fire and charred meat. Which means you'll get to sit back and relax every sunny day this summer while your other half makes dinner. Everybody wins!

An experience together

Maybe it's a concert by one of his favourite bands, a live sporting event or a weekend away – planning an activity he's always wanted to do (and that you can enjoy as well) is a great way to spend time together.

You get to show how well you understand him and his interests, while he gets a memory to cherish with the person he loves most.

A coffee machine

Something about coffee brings out men's obsessive streak. They love all the gadgetry, from grinders to espresso machines and steam wands. And they love all the science of brewing a perfect cup too.

So investing in a high-tech coffee machine will give him hours of fun nerding out over the perfect grind and roast. And if that means you get delicious freshly made coffee every morning, so much the better.

What's the best gift you gave your other half? Share your experiences in the comments below.