Five Steps to Summer Beach Beauty

Summer sun and the excitement of holidays are the ideal incentive to get ourselves feeling great, even when we don’t have time for a miracle makeover!

With just a few weeks before the summer holidays arrive, there’s still time to work on our health so we can look and feel better, inside and out.

1. Spruce up your hair

A new haircut or making time to redo your roots will give you a fresh spring in your step. Choose a hairstyle that’s going to look great with little effort, so you’ll feel confident even if you’ve just got out of the hotel pool. For new-look inspiration, see our article On and off the beach hair.

2. Love your skin

As the weather warms up, you’re more likely to be showing off bits of your body that have stayed hidden for months. Exfoliating, toning and moisturising isn’t just great for your skin, it gives you ten minutes of relaxing me-time every day. For expert advice, check out Four skin tips that will make your summer.

3. Eat well

Just stopping to think about eating a more balanced diet, cutting out sugary snacks and swapping your coffee for a morning green tea can make you feel more energetic and lithe. To get you started, why not read our article on how to Shape up your eating habits? And if you’re inspired to give your meal plan a serious re-boot, check out our Summer bikini shopping list feature.

4. Get fitter

Find nifty ways to slip exercises into your daily routine if there’s no time for the gym. Do a few armlifts with your grocery bags when you’re waiting for the bus, walk more and use the car less, and take the stairs not the lift next time you’re at the shops. For taking the wobble out of your walk, check out our Bum, legs, arms and tum home workout.

5. Apply the finishing touches

Give yourself a pedicure so those pinkies are ready for your sandals, keep make-up light and natural, and make sure your razor’s ready for daily action. Read more in our Beauty Recommended feature Feeling good about your bikini body.