Get your pearly whites sparkling!

A beautiful white and healthy smile is this season’s must have accessory. Read about the Oral-B 3D White Glamorous Shine toothpaste and Pro 600 White & Clean electric toothbrush designed to visibly whiten your teeth…

We all know that new trends emerge and descend as often as the seasons change, but it’s become clear that there is one trend that never goes out of fashion: the desire for a white and healthy smile. Did you know that people would rather be complimented on a beautiful smile than their sense of style? If you have been searching for a product that ensures your teeth stay bright and shiny, look no further!

How does it work?

The clinically-proven routine promises to enhance whitening results by joining the innovative new 3D White formula with the power of the specially designed whitening brush head. The Dual Silica system is 3D White’s best whitening technology yet, removing 90% of surface stains in just 5 days, whilst the specially designed Pro 600 White & Clean brush head effectively lifts and powers away plaque, revealing the natural whiteness of teeth. This is all thanks to the unique polishing cup in the brush head which surrounds each tooth and polishes away surface stains. Magic!