Help your daughter avoid the three big shaving mistakes

We’ve all had those painful first attempts at shaving legs. Try these tips to help your teenage girl make a smooth start and avoid any nasty nicks.

It’s a rite of passage: teenage self-consciousness kicks in and she decides she needs to start shaving her legs right now. And so she sneaks one of your razors and makes her first attempt at shaving her legs.

These efforts can be a bit of a disaster, with cuts, missed patches or red, itchy razor burn. So why not step in with some great mum’s advice on how to shave properly – including these three common mistakes?

1. Borrowing dad’s razor

If the first razor they set eyes on happens to be your husband’s, chances are they’ll give it a try. That can be a painful mistake. Put a razor that isn’t designed for all the contours of the legs in the hands of someone inexperienced and it’s a recipe for slips, cuts and missed bits.

So help her out by pointing her in the right direction of a specially designed razor such as the Gillette Swirl or the Gillette Venus Embrace, both perfect for curves. The Swirl’s five flexible blades and unique Flexiball technology allows the blade to follow her curves perfectly, so the razor won’t dig in to the skin and she’ll get a grown-up, smooth shave.

2. Only shaving with water

Teen girls may think that shaving cream is just for men’s thick beards and they can do without it. But when their skin is dry, itchy and red with razor bumps, they soon realise they’ve got it wrong.

Help your daughter out before she gets into these scrapes: offer her some shaving gel that will help to retain the skin’s natural moisture and let the blade run smoothly, such as Gillette Venus Satin Care Violet Swirl with a Touch of Olay. Or try a blade like Venus & Olay , which distributes moisturiser as you shave, with a light lather, so she’ll never be able to forget again!

3. Pressing too hard

First-time shavers often don’t realise that it only takes a delicate touch. Often they think the harder they press, the closer the shave and the smoother the results. Instead, they’re more likely to get painful nicks and cuts.

Offer to show your daughter how light pressure helps the razor glide across the skin, rather than scraping across it, starting at the bottom of the leg and moving smoothly upwards. You can show her how to do her underarms if she’s ready, too, using a light touch again and holding her arm above her head to keep the skin taut.

To avoid irritating her young skin, go for the aloe-vera-infused Venus Embrace Sensitive.

TOP TIP: While you’re taking care of your daughter’s needs, why not treat yourself to the nifty Gillette Venus Snap, a clever, portable razor you can slip into your handbag for life on the go.

Did you make any mistakes learning to shave as a teenager? What are your top tips for your daughters? Let us know in the comments.