How clean is your tongue?

Yes, brushing your tongue could be the trick you’re missing. Oral-B Smile Director, Dr. Uchenna Okoye, shares her hot dental care tips for a fresher mouth

Why you really need to brush your tongue: We know you’re busy, but according to Dr. Uchenna brushing your tongue will ensure your mouth stays fresh for your morning meeting. ‘All the grooves on the soft surface of the tongue are teeming with bacteria. No matter how well we brush, it will quickly re-colonise if the tongue isn’t cleaned also.’ Got it!

Make it part of your dental care routine: ‘Brushing your tongue should become an essential part of your daily cleansing routine morning and night,’ says Uchenna. ‘Bacteria lurk in the crevices and can very quickly contribute to gum problems and bad breath.’

What dental products are best: ‘To save time, a quick scrub with your toothbrush is OK but invest in an electric toothbrush Oral-B’s new Limited Edition 5000, RRP £199.99 power brush has a specific tongue cleaning mode.’ Or, add a tongue scraper to your kit. ‘A tongue scraper will do the job perfectly,’ says Uchenna.

The how-to: When using a manual toothbrush, brush your tongue in a back to front sweeping motion to remove food particles and help reduce odour-causing bacteria to help freshen your breath. Also, try gently brushing the roof of your mouth and inside your cheeks for an extra-fresh feeling.