7 ways to spend date night at home

Staying in is the new going out (with each other)! Try our romantic ideas to enjoy date night at home…

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Reserving a regular night for just the two of you is imporatnt to keeping the spark in your relationship. And the good news is that it’s entirely possible to enjoy your date night at home. Not going out doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy all the fun and benefits of spending time together to reconnect.

The trick here is to really be together – engaged in a shared activity, not just sitting side-by-side staring at the same screen in parallel. So how about getting the kids to bed early, then switching off the telly and tuning into each other instead?

1. Reinvent dinner

For your evening meal, try something you can share, like a fondue perhaps. Or make an indoor picnic with a platter of cold meats, interesting cheeses and some really good bread. Another option is to order in from your favourite take-away – but only choose dishes that you’ve never tried before, and share them between you.

You could make an extra effort for date night at home by dressing up as if you’re going out for dinner, playing music, lighting candles and eating across from each other at the table so you can play footsie!

2. Play games

There are loads of games you can play as a couple. It doesn’t matter if it’s chess or Charades, laughing over a silly game or chatting over a deck of cards is a great way to get better connected.

3. Plan trips

Think about the places you would like to go ‘if only…’ It doesn’t have to be realistic, but it’ll get you thinking about the trips you might actually be able to have in the future and help you connect.

4. Go stargazing

On a cloudless night, wrap up warm, grab a blanket and sit in your garden under the stars. Enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and if you’re lucky enough to have a fire pit, get it going. There’s little more romantic than snuggling up under the night sky together on your at-home dates!

5. Spa session

Even if your other half is an alpha male, none of us can resist an indulgent massage. Whether you simply rub each other’s feet while talking about your day or whack out the oils and take turns for a full body massage, it’s a lovely – and relaxing – way to reconnect.

6. Make playlists

Make a list of songs that remind you of each other, or a special memory you share. You might be surprised at what your partner remembers that you don’t! Once you’ve made the songs into a playlist, you can play it on future at home date nights, too.

7. Keep dancing

Perhaps the thought of dancing in front of others embarrasses you, but with online dance lessons no one’s watching! YouTube is chock full of channels that break down simple dance routines for you to learn at home, so clear a space in the front room and get moving on your stay at home date night.

Do you have any date ideas for nights in with your partner?
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