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Making the romance last forever

Ten smart ways to build a long and happy relationship – and a bonus extra suggestion

Romance looks so easy…meet, fall in love, stay together forever. The thing is, it takes work – lots of it. Whenever you see a couple still happy after decades of marriage remember, it didn’t happen overnight. But making a relationship special isn’t that difficult either. Not if you both want it to happen.

10 tips for living happy ever after

  1. Listen to each other, really listen
  2. Be truly honest, even if it is embarrassing
  3. Love your partner as a person, not just a lover
  4. Look for common interests and do things together
  5. Want the best for each other
  6. 6. Give compliments without being prompted
  7. Keep your promises
  8. 8. Never make rude, mean or hurtful comments
  9. Know how to say "I’m sorry" and "I forgive you."
  10. Don’t make up too quickly. Think about what happened and what you could have done differently.

Little niggles.

Every relationship has its share of them but there are little things you can both do to stop them getting in the way. The more comfortable and confident you are with each other, the better.

At period time, Always Infinity can help you. It’s the world’s first SmartFoam pad which means it is super thin and moulds to your body perfectly. It absorbs 10x its weight so you are super protected, yet you can’t feel it. Which is why it’s such a comfortably smart choice."

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off Olay Total Effects 50ml

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