Make more time for hobbies

Free up more time for doing the things you love – it’s more important than you think.

Wasn’t life supposed to be easier by now? And yet many of us find ourselves just as busy as ever. Which means we don’t always get the time for our hobbies.

Yet, apart from being great fun, hobbies are great for our health too, providing a slice of responsibility-free time that refreshes body and mind. Hobbies also give you a chance to develop new skills, discover hidden talents and keep your mind busy.

So far, so convincing, but there aren’t twenty-five hours in the day, right? Which is where our seven tips to create time come in.

1. Make a list of what really matters to you

Take the time to sit down and make a very short list – no more than five things – of the things that are most important to you. Make sure you include a hobby. These are the things you need to prioritise and make time for.

2. Make a list of your time-wasters

It’s something of an irony that even the busiest amongst us tend to fritter away quite a bit of time. That TV programme you just flicked to that you don’t really love, aimless surfing the net… you know the stuff.

These are the things that have to go. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that time spent doing nothing is wasted time though. We all need time to relax – just not to ‘lose’ countless minutes on things that we’re not really that bothered about. Especially when those minutes could be spent rock climbing, cake decorating, playing the piano…

3. Save time on chores

Everyone has to do chores, but it’s worth looking to see if they’re getting more time in your schedule than they need to.