Three bright ideas for a white summer smile

There’s nothing more attractive than a gleaming smile with a glowing summer complexion. Luckily, our experts have three failsafe tips for making your teeth look whiter than ever

Your own personal dentist for deep cleaning

There’s a huge difference between scrubbing away with a manual brush and the precision cleaning that a dentist or hygienist can achieve. But the Oral B Genius 8000 Electric Toothbrush comes pretty close, with Position Detection Technology that guides you as you brush to make sure you don’t miss a spot. Its dentist-approved round head and oscillating, rotating and pulsating mechanisms mean it is proven to clean better than both Sonicare Diamond Clean and the Colgate A1500 brushes.

“The new Genius 8000 brush will help Britons brush away even more plaque,” says Oral B Smile Director Dr Uchenna Okoye. “It’s Oral B’s new gold-standard in brushing and, based on the research I’ve seen, it will help improve dental health while promoting better brushing habits.”

A glowing complexion for contrast

For white teeth to really stand out, you need a contrast with lips and skin. Go for a strong pigment or a tinted gloss on the lips, and take advantage of summer to work on your tan – the healthy way, of course, with a gentle self tan.

If you are dark-skinned or naturally tanned, you have a head start, but if you need help in making your complexion glow naturally while eradicating uneven patches, try Olay Regenerist CC Complexion Corrector. It’s a brilliant combination of SPF15 moisturiser and sheer foundation, so you can get dewy-looking summer skin without distracting pigment patches.

A smart toothpaste to remove stains

It took 15 years for Oral-B’s experts to develop the super-ingredient in Oral-B Pro Expert Deep Clean stannous fluoride, which is so smart it can actually identify any issues with your teeth and tackle them. Add that to the dissolving microbeads, and you have a recipe for a sparkling smile.

Dr Uchenna says: “The grittiness of this paste gently cleans the mouth, giving all-round protection and a unique cleansing sensation. It gently lifts away stains, helps prevent cavities, gum problems and plaque, and protects the enamel of the teeth.”

What are your tips for making your teeth look whiter in the summer?
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