Six easy ways to bring your look up to date

Is your everyday uniform jeans and a T-shirt? Then it could be time to give your wardrobe a revamp with these simple but stylish ideas.

Style-conscious men are spending more money on the latest fashion trends than ever before, but while you might not be (or want to be) one of those men, it could at least be time for an honest look at your style – especially if it’s been the same since the mid-90s.

A wardrobe clear-out followed by an afternoon of shopping should rectify the problem in two simple steps. And if you really hate shopping, there’s always online – although remember to check the measurements to ensure a good fit.

1. Check the joy factor

Renowned decluttering expert Marie Kondo advises that when it comes to throwing things away, the key question to ask is, "Does this item bring me joy?". This logic applies to a wardrobe clear-out too.

Go through your wardrobe and ask what clothes make you happy – that can be either sentimental (like keeping your wedding suit or your favourite footie shirt) or because you simply like the way the item makes you look. If anything is hanging in the wardrobe that doesn't tick those boxes or doesn't fit properly, then it's time to part ways.

2. Look out for boomerang fashion

Sometimes fashion trends come back around. So if you’ve been hoarding clothes at the back of the wardrobe for years, some of them might be due an airing once more.

For example, double-breasted suit jackets, hiking sandals and flat-form loafers are all back in vogue this season. But don’t feel obliged to stick to the trends. Keep only what you think looks good on you (perhaps getting a second opinion too!), and go with that.

3. Take a look at your denim choices

You don’t have to abandon jeans completely. But gone are the dad jeans of the past, and instead a wider variety of styles - from skinny jeans to colourful denim - are now widely available.

Investing in good denim is money well spent, so pop to a department store and try on plenty of different brands and styles until you find one you love (then consider buying three pairs...).

4. Add some colour

If you simply can’t part with your T-shirts and jumpers, no problem: simply update the colour scheme instead of the style. Sage green, red, cream and baby blue are all popular this year, and will give your look a modern update without you feeling out of your comfort zone.

5. Modern workwear

Suits don't have to be boring. Play with fabrics and textures including plaid and quilting. Or why not change the style? Sharp tailoring and double-breasted are big looks this season. Patterned lining, shirts and ties are also a good way to add character to your workwear.

6. Sportswear for every occasion

It's a trend that just keeps growing, and this year it’s all about the skater vibe. So dig out your hoodies, logo T-shirts, long shorts and tie-dye shirts. See, fashion doesn’t have to be uncomfortable!

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