Six smart ways to feel unstoppable

Every day matters to you and there’s no reason your period should get in the way. Here’s what you can do.

Being on your period can easily make you feel down, especially if you’re feeling bloated and feeling tired. Which makes it the perfect time to be really selfish and do lots of things to help you stay feeling good.

1. Feeling clean is essential during your period and having a shower or a bath can really help if you’re having cramps. Relax in a nice hot bubbly bath or hold the warm shower to your belly.Then use a lovely smelling shampoo and conditioner, because clean, great smelling hair makes you feel soooo good!!

2. Invite a friend and have an in-home spa day with facial and nail painting.

3. Use the time you’re at home and try out some new hair and make-up styles so that when you are ready to leave the house you’ll blow them all away.

4. You might think the last thing you want to do is exercise but it will really work wonders! Take the dog out for a walk, go for a bike ride or a light jog with friends or get your skipping rope back out.

5. The one thing that always works? Get on the couch with a blanket, chocolate biscuit and milk and watch your favourite film on the TV. It might not make you feel gorgeous, but it will certainly make you feel better.

Wear the right pad.

6. Always Infinity is the world’s first pad made with SmartFoam. It is super thin, super light and not only adapts perfectly to your body, it also absorbs 10x its weight. So nobody will see it, you will barely feel it and you are super protected.


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