SMILE! We show you how to cure bad breath

Halitosis treatment can be as simple as understanding the causes of bad breath! Here, we break it down so you can tackle bad breath once and for all.

Smelly breath is one of the 8 areas that dentists check most when you’re at a check-up. Beating bad breath is as simple as understanding what can cause it!

While no one loves talking about bad breath, it is something a majority of people admit to noticing. For the most part, bad breath is a short-term problem caused by smoking or eating or drinking something that has a strong smell. Yet, there are hidden causes of bad breath you may not have thought of, such as dehydration.

Oral B mouthwash

Dr Uchenna Okoye, leading cosmetic dentist and Oral-B Smile Director, warns, “You are more likely to get bad breath if dehydrated, not a great way to make new friends. So make sure you drink plenty of water to keep hydrated.”

Mouthwash is a great short-term halitosis cure – just ask your dentist to recommend one for you if it is an on-going problem. Try Oral-B Anti-Plaque Alcohol Free Mouthwash, RRP £2.65, in your oral care regimen.

However, long-term bad breath could be a symptom of gum problems. There is a range of symptoms that a dentist will check for. The main cause of gum problems is prolonged build-up of plaque. A great weapon in the battle of plaque removal, and the war against bad breath, is an electric toothbrush.

For manual brushers put off by electric toothbrushes, rest assured knowing that Oral-B has developed the TriZone RRP from £49.95-£19.99. This is an electric toothbrush that can be used exactly like a manual one. The even better news is that it will remove up to 100% more plaque on teeth than an ordinary manual toothbrush. Used as part of a preventative regiment, an electric toothbrush is an effective way to reduce your risk of bad breath caused by plaque.

To recap, here’s what you should do to tackle the causes of bad breath:

  1. Stay hydrated!
  2. Swish some mouthwash
  3. Trade in your manual for an electric toothbrush