Spring Clean Your Smile & make teeth brighter!

Celebrity Dentist, Uchenna Okoye’s Top 4 Tips to Spring Clean for a Brighter, Whiter Smile

Cosmetic dentists like Dr Uchenna Okoye can vouch for this, as she sees the rich and famous walk through the doors of her prestigious London “dental spas”, where they pay thousands for the perfect set of pearly whites.

However, as Oral-B’s smile director, Dr Uchenna is also willing to share her advice with Beauty Recommended’s readers so everyone can also achieve brighter, whiter teeth.

Here are her top five tips.

1. Don’t rinse after brushing

Fluoride needs to be topped up frequently. My top tip for keeping teeth healthy for longer, then, is that it’s best to spit rather than rinse after brushing your teeth to ensure the fluoride stays in your mouth for longer. This is especially important for the night-time brush so it can protect your teeth while you sleep.

2. Drink through a straw

When drinking dark drinks like soda or iced coffee, my tip is to drink them through a straw to avoid staining your teeth. If you have any kind of professional whitening treatment you should avoid dark drinks altogether for a few days after as your teeth will be more porous and susceptible to stains.

3. Eat bright

For keeping teeth white, eat a bright diet as much as possible. This means trying to avoid dark foods and eating crunchy vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower and celery and apples, as these foods actively help to clean and protect your teeth. Remember anything that will stain a white T-shirt will stain your teeth.