Is this the most high-tech electric toothbrush ever?

A toothbrush that tracks your cleaning technique, rewards progress and tells you if you’ve missed a spot? The future is now for electric toothbrushes

Every now and then, a gadget comes along and we wonder how we ever lived without it. How did we stay in touch before smart phones made it so easy, for example?

We could also never go back to a manual toothbrush after using an electric one – and we’re about to go several steps further thanks to Oral-B’s latest electric toothbrush.

Before, if we brushed too hard, totally missed out our molars, or did a quick 30-second whizz-around, we wouldn’t think twice about it, and our oral health would suffer. Now, the Oral-B Genius 9000 is about to change all that. Here’s how…

It gives you brushing feedback via your phone

The Oral-B Genius 9000 connects to your smartphone via bluetooth to give you real-time feedback on your brushing technique via a dedicated app.

It shows you what areas of your mouth you’ve brushed – and any spots you’ve missed – and allows you to switch between brushing modes. It also tracks your progress with graphs and charts, and motivates you with reminders, recommendations and rewards. It’s like having your own personal tooth-brushing trainer!

What you said:

“I am so impressed with the Oral B 9000! There are so many features on the app, and my teeth feel much cleaner compared to my old electric toothbrush. I particularly like the sensitive and tongue cleaning modes.”
Gonzo 21

It tells you when you’re pressing too hard

Many of us are guilty of being a bit over-zealous when brushing our teeth, probably believing that the harder we scrub, the more likely we are to remove any stains. But brushing too hard can damage our gums and wear down our enamel.

The Oral-B Genius 9000 puts a stop to this with its pressure sensor. When you’re pressing too hard, it automatically slows the brush down and a light goes red until you lighten up.

What you said:

“My teeth have never felt cleaner! Even my dentist asked what I had been doing differently as my teeth were so much better. One of the brush’s features that I love is that it automatically reduces the speed when you brush too hard and the brush light goes red. I hadn't realised that I had been brushing so hard.”

It lights up in a colour of your choice

Gone are the days when the only way you could personalise your toothbrush was to change the colour of the ring at the base of the brush head.

The Oral-B Genius 9000 has a 360º LED light, called the SmartRing. It’s smart because, not only can you customise it by choosing a light colour of your choice, but it can also change colour according to what mode you’re using, to warn you if you’re pressing too hard, and to indicate how much time you’ve been brushing.