The 10 bathroom must-haves every man needs

Make way (and space in the bathroom cabinet) for these essentials that no man should be without

1. An in-shower sound system

Shower while singing along to your favourite tunes with an in-built waterproof Bluetooth speaker that plays music from your phone. Most will also allow you to answer calls and talk hands free while you’re showering. Just maybe don’t take any business calls…

2. Hair gel with benefits

Worried about thinning hair? When choosing a styling product, opt for mousse to give extra volume rather than heavy gel or wax, which can weigh down your ’do. Also avoid alcohol-based products, which can strip your hair of nourishing oils and weaken keratin, leaving your hair brittle.

3. Scented shower gel

Skip the soap: bodywash is less harsh on your skin, less likely to slip out of your hands, and much quicker to apply. Triple win! Plus if you get a scent to match or complement your aftershave, you’ll smell amazing for longer.

4. A good-quality razor

Sharp looks rely on a clean shave, and finding a razor that suits your shaving style is the best way to get a good result. Technology moves on: time to look again at the one you use? Gillette offers a wide choice of razors to suit every need. And remember to stock up on spare blades – a blunt blade makes for a poor shave.

5. A face flannel

Splashing water on your face is so last century. We’ve all gone back to using face cloths for a better result, less mess and instant exfoliation. That means you’re ridding your complexion of dead skins cells every time you wash, and reducing the chance of outbreaks at the same time.

6. An electric toothbrush

Forget manual brushing – once you’ve gone down the power-assisted route you will so not go back. An electric brush cleans your teeth more thoroughly, and if you’re a fan of gadgets, you’ll love the latest in toothbrush tech. The Oral-B Genius X with Artificial Intelligence, for example, links with your phone to give you real-time feedback that helps you improve your brushing style. Clever, eh?

7. Face cream

Real men really do moisturise. Combine moisturiser cream with a good eye cream for an easy two-step regime and your skin is sure to feel and look better. And don’t be tempted to use your wife or girlfriend’s product: male skin is thicker and tends to be more oily, so bespoke creams designed for men are the way to go.

8. Bathroom mirror wiper

The kids will love this one as much as you. An actual windscreen wiper for the mirror that clears it of condensation after you’ve had a hot bath or shower. Less smeary than using a towel and so much more fun. Google it.

9. Industrial-strength handwipes

The dream scenario would be having these in an easy-access wall-mounted dispenser, perfect to clean off industrial-scale filth after a messy job. Not sure the missus would stand for that though, so maybe settle for a tub under the sink.

10. Body moisturiser

Most men don’t use a body moisturiser – and understandably so: they lengthen your bathroom routine, and are hard to apply to hairy bits. BUT if you play sports, run or cycle regularly, you may find that frequent showers leave your skin dry and flaky. In which case, give body butter a try. Cocoa or olive oil are effective ingredients to look out for – and have the added bonus of making you smell good too.