Create the bed of your dreams

Face sleeping problems by giving your bed a makeover and create a haven to help ease you to sleep and give your body the restful support it needs.

1. Do the laundry.

Wash all your bedclothes using a fabric conditioner and fill your senses with a favourite scent. Lenor’s scent offers up to 7 x longer lasting freshness* so your bedclothes will smell fabulous all week.

2. Invest in a new mattress.

If you can’t sleep because of back problems a new bed mattress might be the solution. Natural fillings are ideal because they make it easier to keep comfortable whether the room is hot or cold, and if you and your partner are different sizes, a pocket spring mattress allows free movement, so you don’t get any rolling into a dip in the middle!

3. Choose jersey bed sheets.

Cheaper than Egyptian cotton and softer than ordinary cotton, jersey sheets also won’t need to be ironed!

4. Layer your pillows.

Invest in a good, thick pillow for support when you want to sit up and read your favourite thriller or enjoy Sunday breakfast in bed. If your preference for sleeping is a softer pillow, put this on your bed next, propping them both up to get the luxury hotel look. To finish off, pick a couple of smaller, interestingly shaped decorative pillows – round or triangular, in colourful, contrasting colours to set off your stylish bedding.

5. Fill the air with good scents.

Once you’ve got your bed in shape, use Febreze Moonlit Lavender bedroom mist to set your room off to perfection. Or, if you can find a safe spot, light a fragranced candle** and settle into bed with a favourite magazine to relax in ultimate comfort.

Now your only problem will be having to get up from your gorgeously comfy bed in the morning!

*In storage vs Lenor Pure Care
** never leave a lit candle unattended