Indulge in a spa - in your bathroom at home

Indulge in a spa - in your bathroom at home

What better occasion than Mother’s Day to take some time out for pampering. A spa day doesn’t need to cost the earth either – follow our tips for an indulgent day at home…

A spa day might seem like an extravagance – can you really spare the time or money? But even if you’re busy and budgeting it’s still possible to pamper yourself this Mother’s Day.

Allowing just 15 minutes more for your usual bathroom routine can ease away those cares and get you back into the daily routine with renewed energy. So stock up on candles, put on some chill-out music – and don’t forget to hang a do-not-disturb sign on the door.

Fresh air and fragrances

Open a window if you can – even in winter, fresh air mixing with the hot bathroom steaminess creates a great atmosphere and makes bathtime more refreshing. And in the morning or evening, candles help slow the world down. Go for soothing, aromatic fragrances like lavender or ginger.

IMPORTANT: make sure you store candles and matches safely and don’t leave lit candles unattended or near a shower curtain or towels.

Bubbles and scents

Tie a few sprigs of thyme or lavender together and then hang them on the hot water tap so the room fills with scent as the water runs through. Add a bath oil or foam scented with plants associated with stress-busting properties, like bergamot, geranium or rose, and use plant-scented shampoo such as Herbal Essences.

Hair and body beautiful

Treat yourself to a full shampoo and conditioning session rather than rushing with a two-in-one. Pantene Perfect Hydration offers an easy-to-use but intense pampering for your tresses.

Savvy tip: for gorgeous feet, if you don’t have time for a bath time spa, just treat your toes. Before trimming nails and buffing, soak in a softening footbath of warm water mixed with a rich aromatic bath oil.

The importance of de-stressing

Although a healthy body is built to deal to moments of pressure through the combination of stress-relieving hormones, ongoing stress caused by issues like money worries, work demands and other concerns can mean your body is overexposed to the release of these hormones. This can affect weight, sleeping and digestion, and could even cause depression, fertility problems and heart disease. Help beat stress with our Stress-Relieving Exercises.


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