7 ways to make your bathroom feel like an indulgent spa

Struggling to de-stress? Try our tips to turn your bathroom into DIY spa so you can treat yourself to a pamper night.

With everything that’s going on right now, it’s no surprise if you’re finding it difficult to achieve a state of blissed out chill. But relaxation remains so important when it comes to seeing off stress, and helping you feel better.

A proper spa day might be off the cards, but simply allowing just 15 minutes more for your usual bathroom routine can ease away those cares and get you back into the daily routine with renewed energy. So light those candles, put on some chill-out music – and don’t forget to hang a do-not-disturb sign on the door.

1. Time your treat

Plan your pampering session for a time when you’re likely to be able to get the most out of it. It’s hard to relax if the laundry basket is overflowing and there are puddles on the floor from the last person’s shower.

Time your treat for when you’ve got clean fluffy towels at the ready and no one is going to hurry you out of the bathroom for their turn. Then you can truly relax and create a mini moment of peace and tranquillity all to yourself.

2. Fresh air and fragrances

Open a window if you can – even if it’s chilly. Fresh air mixing with the hot bathroom steaminess creates a great atmosphere and makes bath time more refreshing.

Adding some scent will help slow the world down - go for soothing, aromatic fragrances like lavender or ginger. You could light some candles if you have them to hand, otherwise use incense sticks, a reed diffuser or even a spritz of your favourite fragrance – be it perfume or air freshener!

IMPORTANT: Never leave lit candles unattended, or near curtains or towels, and make sure you store candles and matches safely.

3. Bubbles and scents

One of the most indulgent aspects of a spa session is the range of exotic scents to tantalise the senses. If you have some luxury smellies, then now is the time to use them to help you unwind and feel pampered.

Even if you don’t, then a DIY option could be found in your garden. Pick some rose petals to scatter in the tub, or a few springs of thyme, rosemary or lavender. Tie these together and then hang them on the hot water tap so the room fills with scent as the water runs through.

4. Slow things down

The pace of life in general means that we often find ourselves rushing about and relying on time-saving products. However, with things slowing down right now, it’s a good time to stop and enjoy the moment. Treat yourself to a full shampoo and conditioning session rather than rushing with a two-in-one.

5. Treat those toes

For gorgeous feet, if you don’t have time for a full bath time spa session, just treat your toes. Before trimming nails and buffing, soak in a softening footbath of warm water mixed with a rich aromatic bath oil.

6. Add some luxury

You can make a regular bath time feel like a proper pamper session by upgrading your essentials. It doesn’t need to be expensive, and can add a little boost of luxury. It might be popping on a super plush dressing gown for after the bath, or some special smellies.

For an upgraded shave, Venus Edition Strawberry has a gorgeous two-tone handle and strawberry scented gel bars that release lush body butters as you shave.

7. Let yourself de-stress

Although a healthy body is built to deal to moments of pressure through the release of stress-relieving hormones, ongoing stress can mean your body is overexposed to the release of these hormones. So before you get in the bath, help beat stress by trying our stress-relieving exercises.

How do you pamper yourself?
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