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What type of sleeper are you?

The Personalities

“Queen of Cosy and Calm”

Our Sleep Academy Personality Quiz found that you are easily disturbed by outside stimuli and environmental factors such as light and noise can affect your ability to get a restful night’s sleep. 

To feel well rested the next day, you need to be wrapped in a cosy blanket of calm.  Turn your bedroom into a sleep-friendly paradise. A quiet, dark, and cool environment (between 14 and 18˚C) can help promote sound slumber so lower the volume of outside noise with earplugs and use heavy curtains, blackout shades or an eye mask to block light. Furnish your bedroom according to your style, but try to furnish it sparely and choose warm colours.

Make sure you use a cosy blanket, yet it should be light and not too warm. Visit the Always Sleep Academy to find out how the right blanket influences your sleep and what else you can do to help make your bed an oasis of tranquility.

Our final tip is that during your period you try New Always Ultra Night pads which have a 60% wider back and are specifically designed just for night time use to give you all the protection you need for a full night’s sleep. 

“Stressed-Out Sister”

Our Sleep Academy Personality Quiz found that you are a “Stressed-Out Sister”. Your worried mind dominates matters when it comes to sleep. You can make easy changes to how you prepare for sleep in order to soothe your mind at the end of a busy day. Remember - before you get undressed, get un-stressed.

Start winding down at least two hours before bedtime and establish a soothing, pre-sleep routine. Stop all work, take a short walk or a warm bath (minimum 2 hours before bed) or a massage. Switch off the television at least an hour before bed and choose very calm activities 30 minutes before going to bed such as reading or listening to music. This will give you valuable time to relax physically, mentally and emotionally before you fall asleep.  Help your mind relax by recording those end-of-day thoughts in a handwritten journal.

Worrying about whether or not you’re fully protected during your period can have a real impact on the quality of sleep, and your performance the next day.  Our final tip is that you try New Always Ultra Night pads which have 60% wider back and deliver up to 100% leakage protection where it’s needed most at night, so you have one less thing to worry about.

“Your Body is Your Temple”

Our Sleep Academy Personality Quiz found that your body‘s state is the most important part of your sleep. This means that how you’re feeling in your skin has the greatest impact on how well you sleep. 

Like many other sleep disturbances, discomfort and pain tend to limit the depth of sleep and allow only brief episodes of sleep between awakenings.  You can make easy changes to soothe your body and give your physical being the tender loving care it needs in order to ease into a restful night’s sleep. Try taking a warm, luxurious bath which will promote drowsiness by causing a rise and then fall in body temperature.  Unwind with scents that are proven to promote relaxation and calm, such as luxurious lavender or a jasmine scented bubble bath.

Choose a light meal in the evening: Choose a light, digestible dinner which is high in complex carbohydrate, e.g. high in starch. Pasta, potatoes or rice make you feel sleepy, shorten the time to fall asleep and create more deep sleep. There should be a minimum of 2 hours between your dinner and the time you go to bed. Visit the Always Sleep Academy to find out what else interferes your sleep.

Our final tip is that you try a NEW Always Ultra Night pads which have a 60% wider back to offer extra protection where it’s needed most at night so you can sleep restfully and be at your best the next day.

Here's to seeing the night through with always

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