Winter energy boosters

Five easy ways to help you and your family feel good, get energised and be ready for action on cold days and long nights.

1. Add fish to your winter diet
When there is less daylight, it’s not as easy to get enough Vitamin D (which the body produces when it is exposed to sunlight). Vitamin D can affect your mood and is found in high levels in fish, so serve it up to give everyone a lift. For more super food ideas, see Winter family diet.

2. Drink milk
Give your immune system a boost and keep it in good shape with dairy products that are rich in vitamins A and B12, and calcium – winter increases your chances of getting a cold by 80%!

3. Keep moving
It’s easy to stay in when the weather is horrid, but exercise keeps your body in better shape, makes you all feel brighter, feeds energy levels and can boost your immune system. Adapt to suit the season – try ice skating or go on trails to find the biggest, most squelchy muddy puddles.

4. Socialise with friends
Spending time with people who make us laugh and relax makes a big difference to our general well-being and helps with our feel-good factor. Throughout winter months build in quality time with friends and family – not just a big Christmas gathering (which can be stressful!) but regular Saturday morning coffee or a kids’ sleepover.

5. Stick to bedtime routines
Going to bed around the same time every night makes it easier to get off to sleep. This can be as important for adults as it is for children. Build in little rituals (a warm bath, reading a favourite magazine) so your body reads the messages that signal it’s time to switch off.

6. Start each day well fuelled
Check out our Rise and Shine breakfasts for cold winter mornings.