Always Infinity Size 3 Night Period Pads with wings

ALWAYS Ultra Night Size 3


Uninterrupted sleep is important, which is why Always Infinity Night Collection is designed to give you the best comfort and overnight protection night with a longer back so you can get a good night's rest. Always Infinity Night SmartFoam pads absorb 10x their weight thanks to their foam core that moulds to your body like memory foam so you barely feel it. Each pad features micro holes that pull liquid deep down for a dry feeling and channels for leakage protection and flexibility.


ALWAYS at work



SmartFoarm helps the ALWAYS Infinity sanitary towel mould to your body so you barely feel it leaving you free to focus on making the most of your day.



Superior Protection

Absorbs 10x its weight for superior protection.



Dry Feel

Micro holes pull liquid deep down for a dry feeling that ensures lasting comfort and confidence.



Incredibly soft

Incredibly soft and thin with comfortable wings that ensure ease of movement and peace of mind.


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For ALWAYS’ best comfort and protection ever during the day, try ALWAYS Infinity Collection.


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