Always Ultra Pads Secure Night Extra (Size 5) Wings 8

Don’t settle for less than an uninterrupted night's sleep with 3x protection: ALWAYS Ultra Secure Night Extra (Size 5) sanitary towels with wings are designed with 3 protection features so that you don’t need to wake up to check for leaks or change your pad halfway through the night. A 9% larger front and 85% larger back (vs. Always Ultra Normal), paired with our LeakGuard technology ensure all-around coverage to prevent leaks during period nights. The InstantDry system absorbs liquid in seconds and keeps wetness away from your skin. These pads are also equipped with an OdourLock technology that neutralises odours, so that you can feel fresh and clean. Sleep, ALWAYS Ultra has got you covered with 3x protection.

•  9% larger front and 85% larger back than Ultra Normal (Size 1) for all-around night coverage
•  LeakGuard technology locks liquid and helps to prevent leaks
•  Super absorbent sanitary towel with InstantDry system that absorbs liquid in seconds
•  OdourLock technology neutralises odours
•  Sanitary towel dermatologically tested to be gentle on your skin
•  Wings help keep your sanitary towel in place for comfortable protection