Fairy Fresh Fabric Softener

Discover the power of freshness with Fairy Fresh Fabric Conditioner. The Fairy Softness you love now with extra freshness*! We believe that the most delicate skin deserves the best and that’s why Fairy Fresh Fabric Conditioner is both dermatologically accredited and Hypoallergenic. Perfect both to wrap your family’s sensitive skin in huggable softness and to enjoy mild extra freshness. 
Try our Sensitive Dream Team: Fairy Non Bio PODS® Capsules + Fairy Fresh Fabric Conditioner, for a gentle clean and extra softness**.
(*vs Fairy Original Fabric Conditioner)
(** when used in addition to detergent)
What is fabric softener?
Let’s get one thing out of the way first: fabric softeners, fabric conditioners and fabric enhancers are all the same, and they're essential to use if you want to get more freshness or softness into your clothes.
What fabric softener is designed to do is to help your clothes stay looking nice and new for longer, while also making them feel beautifully soft against your skin, as they smooth out the fibers of your clothes. What’s more, they can also provide your garments with a captivating, fresh scent.
Although fabric softeners will not make your clothes cleaner (that’s what laundry detergents do), they will give you softer, fresher smelling, garments that keep their “new” feeling. Whether you are prone to skin irritation or have a baby in your family, Fairy Fabric Softener should definitely have pride of place in your utility room.

Why should you use fabric softener?
Everyone can use fabric softener, but it’s exceptionally useful for certain people. If you or someone in your family has sensitive or delicate skin - perhaps you have a newborn baby, their skin is particularly delicate - then fabric softener is a great help because it gently softens the fibers of your garments.
Additionally, fabric softeners can make ironing your clothes far faster, because the nature of fabric softener is to straighten out the fibers. This makes the iron glide over clothing really smoothly and quickly.
Some fabric softeners, such as Fairy Non-Bio, are made with super-mild perfumes that contain fewer perfume allergens. This is to minimise the risk of allergic skin reactions. Fairy Fabric Conditioner is dermatologically accredited by the Skin Health Alliance and its gentle formula will give you huggably soft clothes with a lovely, gentle scent that really lingers.
Try the Sensitive Skin Dream Team for yourself by pairing Fairy Non Bio Washing Liquid Capsules with Fairy Fabric Softener – our softest combination for sensitive skin.
*Online panel of 3327 females among which Fairy Non Bio detergent was voted most often as the #1 detergent for sensitive skin.