Fairy Non Bio Platinum Pods - Silk Tree Blossom & Jasmine

Discover Fairy Non Bio Platinum Silk Tree Blossom & Jasmine PODS® for a gentle clean and extra freshness (vs. Fairy Non Bio PODS®).

Fairy Non Bio Platinum PODS® are infused with the delicate scent of Silk Tree Blossom & Jasmine and leave your clothes brilliantly clean even in a cold wash, whilst being gentle next to sensitive skin. Fairy Non Bio Platinum PODS® has a unique, multi-compartment design that provides a super concentrated cleaning power and keeps ingredients separate until they reach the water. Upon contact, the biodegradable and completely water-soluble film fully dissolves to release stain-removing technologies, offering a gentle clean with snuggly softness. Additionally, Fairy washing capsules help reduce plastic thanks to their ECOCLIC® cardboard box. Their plastic content is max 5%, and they’re designed to preserve your Pods, so they can be powerful for longer.