Fairy Non Bio Platinum Washing Gel

Discover Fairy Non Bio Platinum Washing Liquid Gel, with Extra Stain Removal! The same gentle care and Fairy Softness, now with Extra Stain Removal.

Fairy Non Bio has launched Platinum Gel with Extra Stain Removal, to provide a new level of clean, for a new level of mess. As children grow up, the stains they encounter grow too, so Fairy Non Bio Platinum Gel detergent offers the same gentle care for sensitive children’s skin, now with boosted cleaning power.

With a formula that is suitable for sensitive skin, Fairy Non Bio Platinum Gel gently clean your clothes whilst also wrapping your family's delicate skin in huggable softness. Platinum Gel gives you Fairy softness now with extra stain removal** thanks to the addition of more cleaning surfactants for extra cleaning power. New Fairy Non Bio Platinum means you can create more memories with your family and have less mess to worry about.

The bottle’s design & viscous formula allow you to measure the correct dose of gel with precision; all it takes is a little squeeze. It’s easy to use: just squeeze into the attached dosing cap, and add that directly into the washing machine drum for a gentle Fairy clean. It can even be used for pre-treatment of tough stains. Try together with Fairy fabric conditioner for even more huggable softness.

• Fairy Soft + Extra Stain Removal 
• Voted No.1 Laundry Brand for Sensitive Skin
• Hygienic clean
• Rated effective and gentle by 89% of UK Dermatology Professionals
• Try the Sensitive Skin Dream Team: Fairy Non Bio Platinum Gel + Fairy Fabric Conditioner + Fairy In-Wash Scent Booster; the softest & freshest combination for sensitive skin

*Onlinepanel of 3327 females aged 18-70
Platinum Gel vs. Fairy Gel