Febreze Fabric Refresher

Fights odours in hard-to-wash fabrics
Did you know that odours can get trapped in your soft surfaces and fabrics? You will then smell them later as they get released back into the air. Febreze Fabric Refresher Spray with OdourClear technology fights tough lingering odours trapped in fabrics. Its water-based formula is safe to use on most textiles and brings a breath of fresh to hard-to-wash fabrics, like sofa coverings, curtains and carpets – so you and your guests can breathe happy.

OdourClear technology
Febreze's OdourClear technology traps and locks up bad odours. The donut-shaped starch molecule cyclodextrin binds unpleasant smells, while citric acid neutralises to help eliminate – not just mask them.

Febreze formula is safe to use on most fabrics
Febreze Fabric Refresher Spray is ideal to fight tough lingering odours and freshen hard-to-wash fabrics. Perfect to use throughout your home on carpets, curtains, mattresses and any other textile object. Give your fabrics a weekly refresh or spray whenever you need a boost of freshness in your home.

Perfect addition to cleaning program
Cleaning alone doesn't help eliminate odours – complete your cleaning and tidy up routine with Febreze and help get rid of lingering odours. Use as the final touch after cleaning or tidying up and spritz on sofas, bedding, gym bags or textile shoes. Spray until damp for 10-15x on smaller items, and 15-20x on larger ones.

Safe for the whole family
•Febreze formula is water based and safe to use on most fabrics
•Dermatologically tested to be safe to use on fabrics that come in contact with your skin
•No bleach, no colourants for stain-free freshness

*Association de Recherche Clinique en Allergologie et Asthmologie