Febreze 3Volution ZERO% Plug-In Air Freshener Refill

Doesn't just mask – Truly eliminates odours without heavy perfumes
Did you know your nose gets used to scents quickly, and even stops noticing them with normal plug-ins? To solve this problem, Febreze 3Volution Zero% Plug-Ins continuously and automatically alternate between three complementary, high-quality light scents every 45 minutes for a continuous fresh experience every day that isn't overpowering. Without heavy perfumes, 3Volution Zero% Plug-In Air Freshener with OdourClear technology cleans away tough lingering odours – leaving the air fresh and fragrant for up to 90 days (if used 12 hours a day at minimum setting).

OdourClear technology
Febreze 3Volution Zero% with OdourClear technology clears the air of tough lingering odours, to leave you with a fresh scent for up to 90 days*. The donut-shaped starch molecule cyclodextrin binds unpleasant smells, while citric acid neutralises to eliminate – not just mask them. A polymer then acts as an odour magnet to draw out and trap any bad smells, leaving a fresh scent.
*if used 12 hours a day at minimum setting

Alternating Scents
Your nose tends to get used to scents quickly and stops noticing them. For always-on noticeable freshness, the digitally controlled scent alternation changes between three scents every 45 minutes.

Intensity control
Because 3Volution Zero% with intensity control is plugged into an electrical outlet, the scent released is more noticeable and fills the room with the freshness you need. It also gives you 3 levels on different intensity for tailor made freshness experience.

Safe for the whole family
Febreze 3Volution Zero% contains no heavy perfumes.