Febreze ZERO% Bathroom Air Freshener

Helps prevent odours for up to 50 days
Did you know that every time you flush, you fling odours onto your soft surfaces, then they get released back into the air so you smell them later? Febreze Bathroom with unique OdourClear technology helps prevent odours, and prevents them from lingering – providing continuous freshness for up to 45 days. Available in a variety of scents, Febreze Bathroom is convenient and easy to use without any electricity or batteries required.

Febreze Bathroom
Febreze's first continous non-electric bathroom air freshener, made to always have your bathroom ready for guests.

OdourClear technology
Thanks to the 2-in-1 OdourClear technology Febreze Bathroom doesn't just mask odours, but fights them, and prevents them from lingering. The donut-shaped starch molecule cyclodextrin binds unpleasant smells, while citric acid neutralises to eliminate – not just mask them. A polymer then acts as an odour magnet to draw out and trap any bad smells, leaving a fresh scent.

Up to 50 days of freshness
For up to 50 days Febreze Bathroom prevents and eliminates odours, leaving behind a light fresh scent in your bathroom.

Safe for the whole family

Febreze Bathroom Air Freshener is made without preservatives and allergen controlled perfumes.