Gillette Labs Exfoliating Absorbing Moisturiser

Suffering from itchy or irritated skin after shaving? Not anymore! Add this soothing moisturizer from Gillette Labs to your shaving routine.

Gillette Labs Exfoliating Absorbing Moisturizer has been carefully formulated using a selection of the finest ingredients. It's free from alcohol, dyes, and harsh scents, all of which can lead to more irritation. Instead, it has a collection of great, health-promoting goodies to leave you looking and feeling great. These include soothing vitamin B3, which boosts skin condition, and sea kelp, a natural softener. A mighty dose of moisture is provided by the hydrating mix, which will leave your skin fresh and in great condition all day long. The final ingredient is Gillette Labs' gentle signature fragrance. It's not dominant or overpowering, but it will make sure you smell as good as you look!