Gillette Labs Exfoliating Blades: a quicker, smoother shave

Just what you need for your Exfoliating Razor! Gillette Labs Exfoliating Blades have the latest innovative technology to give you the perfect shave, time after time.

Who says shaving can't be fun? Gillette Exfoliating Blades will turn your morning shave routine upside down. The latest research and technology has gone into the development of these cartridges, giving you the best shave ever. Prepare to be amazed by your razor.

Let's start with the most important part of the razor: the blades. In this case, Gillette Labs Exfoliating Blades have five of them, set close together for an increasingly smoother shave. Each blade rests on its own tiny pair of springs, moving up and down as the razor glides over the contours of your face. This gives a smoother finish, as well as added comfort - there's no painful dragging or snagging here. As well as the standard front blades, each cartridge comes equipped with a little extra. On the back of the cartridge, you'll find a single, separate blade. This precision blade is designed especially for those tricky areas and awkward spots where a little extra accuracy is needed.