Gillette Labs Exfoliating Razor with Magnetic Stand

Your shave can be as quick and easy as washing your face. Get Gillette Labs Exfoliating Razor to exfoliate as you go, leaving you with the smoothest finish ever.  
Exfoliation is essential for healthy skin. This process removes tiny pieces of dirt, dead skin cells, and oily build-up, giving a smoother finish and preventing problems like pimples. It's even more important to exfoliate on skin that you regularly shave. That's because shaving can leave debris behind. It may be too small to see, but it's there, just waiting to cause you skin problems. The beauty of this razor? It exfoliates as you shave. The special textured bar is designed to clear away dead skin cells and other particles, working like a broom to sweep a clean path for your razor to follow. It's better for your skin, and it helps to give you the smoothest shave possible.