Head & Shoulders Bare Pure Clean Anti Dandruff Shampoo. Minimal Ingredients for Oily Scalp. 400 ml

Meet Head & Shoulders BARE, our anti-dandruff shampoo with minimal ingredients. It provides you an effective dandruff protection and prevention and it is suitable for daily use.This sulfate free shampoo is also free from silicones and dyes. Head & Shoulders BARE Pure Clean is designed for oil prone scalps, the formula leaves your scalp and hair squeaky clean, effectively protecting you from dandruff. This lightweight bottle can be squeezed and rolled to get the last drops, it contains 46% less plastic than our standard 400ml shampoo bottle and is recyclable!

EFFECTIVE DANDRUFF PROTECTION AND PREVENTION. Anti dandruff, pH balanced shampoo for oily hair & scalp, with nourishing and protection ingredients

DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED by skin experts. It cleanses, refreshes and provides effective dandruff protection

FREE FROM SULFATES, SILICONES AND DYES. Anti dandruff shampoo with minimal ingredients, pH balanced and gentle on scalp skin, for your hair care routine

MINIMAL INGREDIENTS. Water, plant derived moisturizer, citric acid pH balancer, anti-dandruff active, coconut water scent, plant derived cleanser, formula stabilizer & freshness protector

RECYCLABLE PACKAGING. This light, handy and easy-to-roll bottle is recyclable, using 46% less plastic (per ml). vs. the standard Head & Shoulders 400ml bottle