Herbal Essences Aloe Moisturise Shampoo 350ml to Hydrate and Nourish Very Dry Hair

Dive in to nature’s oasis of moisture.

Herbal Essences Aloe Moisturise Shampoo helps to deeply quench dry hair, infused with the delicate scent of jasmine to leave you feeling restored. Our blend of plant-based nutrients is infused with aloe from Southern Mexico, resulting in a nourishing vegan formula, free from silicones and sulfates. Nurture thirsty locks with the light, natural lathers, helping to cleanse and quench with every wash to reveal luscious, moisturised hair. Our Aloe collection also helps to strengthen, smoothen and even tame frizz for curly hair types, while soothing the scalp. We blend together a careful selection of naturally-derived ingredients to bring the beauty of botanicals to your bathroom. Restore your hair’s natural beauty and ignite the senses using a full routine from our Aloe Moisturise collection.