Herbal Essences coconut scent hydrate Conditioner 250ml to Deeply Nourish Very Dry Hair

Indulge in a tropical paradise with one of nature’s most tempting revival.

Herbal Essences coconut scent hydrate Conditioner helps to nourish very dry hair and leave you feeling balanced, transporting the senses with the mellow scent of coconut. Our blend of plant-based nutrients is infused with coconut extract, resulting in a vegan, sulfate free formula to quench thirsty hair. Our luxuriously creamy formula can be used two ways: use as a rinse-off conditioner, or skip the rinse to use as a leave-in, so you can enjoy the creamy hydration for longer. We blend together a careful selection of naturally-derived ingredients to bring the power of plants to your bathroom. Nurture your hair’s natural beauty and unwind using a full routine from our coconut scent hydrate collection.