Herbal Essences Lavender Scent Calm Frizz Shampoo 350ml to Nourish and Smooth Frizzy Hair

Let the comforting embrace of lavender fields sweep away your senses.

Herbal Essences Lavender Scent Calm Frizz Shampoo helps to smooth and nourish frizz-prone hair, infused with fragrant floral notes to relax your mood. Our blend of plant-based nutrients is infused with lavender essences, handpicked in Provence, Southern France. The result is a vegan, silicone free formula that works into a sweet-smelling lather, ready to gently cleanse and nurture your hair. We blend together a careful selection of naturally-derived ingredients to bring the beauty of botanicals to your bathroom. Experience smoother, nourished hair and ease your mind using a full routine from our Lavender Scent Calm Frizz collection.