Herbal Essences Mint Scent Detangle Conditioner 250ml to Refresh and Invigorate

Kickstart your routine with the rush of nature.

Herbal Essences Mint Scent Detangle conditioner delivers intensely refreshing hydration, infused with the cool scent of mint to leave you feeling invigorated. Our blend of plant-based nutrients is infused with mint essences from India, resulting in a silicone free, vegan formula that helps to detangle and condition. Our clever formula has a lightweight, natural feel and can be used two ways: use as a rinse-off conditioner, or skip the rinse to use as a leave-in, so you can enjoy the exhilarating feel for even longer while cutting down on water. We blend together a careful selection of naturally-derived ingredients to bring the beauty of botanicals to your bathroom. Nurture your hair’s natural beauty using a full routine from our Mint Scent Gentle Clean collection.