Lenor Outdoorables Fabric Conditioner Orange Blossom and Coastel Cypress

Discover Lenor Outdoorable / Fabric Conditioner Fabric Softener Orange Blossom & Coastal Cypress, part of Mrs Hinch's Vacay Vibes Collection.

Enjoy freshness as if you’ve dried your clothes outside, even when you dry inside. Lenor Outdoorable's fabric conditioner ultra-concentrated freshness formula provides xx washes in a small bottle. Thanks to its innovative technology, you just need a small dose to get that line dried feeling, whatever the weather. Fresh, floral and invigorating. Crisp notes of Coastal Cypress and Orange Blossom transports you to the Mediterranean coast, where the lush aroma of the florals seamlessly mix with the gentle sea breeze. Use in combination with Bold detergent and Lenor scent boosters for deep clean and matching scent.